Blum will exhibit at W14 – the UK’s premier national event for furniture manufacturers and joiners with a live stand that will demonstrate how to use and create furniture with Blum products using its jigs, machines and technical e-services.

For once, Blum will not be showing its actual production stand 6D514, but rather demonstrating the depth of its technical support for fitted furniture at all levels.

Blum products can, however, be seen on the stand of one of its main distributors: Isaac Lord, which is located close by in the hall.

The Blum stand will be split into two sections – one showing how to use its technology and tools for traditional wood-framed and in-frame cabinets, and the other for manufacturers using metal drawers and pull-outs for contemporary lay-on doors.

Blum’s Dynalog technical e-service system will be demonstrated on two large flat screens on the stand.

Blum UK sales and marketing director David Sanders says that being at W14 gives the company the ideal opportunity to show customers how it works practically with wood.

For the first time since the company has exhibited in the UK, Blum will be selling its tools and jigs from the stand with a discount for orders taken at W14.