A world leader in the supply of high-performance CNC routing, engraving and cutting solutions, AXYZ International has recently achieved its 5000th machine sale, marking an important stage in its global expansion.

Headquartered in Burlington, Canada, AXYZ International has UK facilities in Wolverhampton and Nottingham from which a large customer base has been created within a number of major user industries. These include industrial woodworking, furniture production, joinery, panel processing, sign making and plastics fabrication.

AXYZ International is well established in the UK via its AXYZ and Pacer power brands. Included in the 5000 machines sold have been many of the 4000 series of routers and in particular the 4008/4010 models that have proved so popular due to the high performance-to-cost ratio that they provide.

In common with all AXYZ International machines, these have recently undergone major upgrades to further enhance their production capabilities.

The enhancements include an expanded (up to 33-station) automatic tool change facility, the new AXYZ Auto Zone Management function that greatly increases machining accuracy and quality of finish and the latest A2MC machine control and integrated AVS (AXYZ Vision System) facility that reduces or eliminates problems associated with less technically advanced systems whilst greatly enhancing both cutting accuracy and the range of materials that can be processed.

The supporting CNC Routershop division provides a 24-hour online resource for tooling, accessories and consumables. This facility has also been upgraded to accommodate not only the requirements of AXYZ International machine owners but also those of virtually any other make of machine regardless of type or country of origin.

Since commencing the manufacture of hand-built routers in the early 90s, AXYZ International has responded to challenging market requirements over the years and has evolved rapidly to become one of the world’s foremost suppliers of high-performance CNC solutions.