Over 180 visitors took part in Jowat’s most recent symposium with more than 200 guests attending the presentation ceremony of the Jowat adhesive research award.

The topic for safety – in all its guises – was at the core of this year’s event. On the two symposium dates in October and November, more than 180 customers and business partners from the wood, construction and furniture industry followed the enjoyable and diversified programme.

The focus was on communication, live presentations, and practical relevance. Workshops and the programme topics illustrated the potential inherent in the technology of bonding.

One highlight was the presentation of the sealTec application method which was developed in co-operation with the company Homag. Before edgebanding, a hydrophobing agent is applied to the edge of a wood-based panel, and this multiplies the water and steam resistances levels.

Another highlight was the presentation by the company Mill Panel BV, a Dutch Jowat customer, regarding the manufacture of plywood with high resistance to (boiling) water.

Lively discussions and inquiries took place at the information booths at the event where Jowat’s R&D partners presented innovations.

The first days of the symposium ended with the festive act of the 12th presentation of the Jowat Adhesive Research Award. About 200 guests listened to the greetings by the Minister for Innovation, Science and Research for the State of North Rhine Westphalia, Mrs Svenja Schulze.

Professor Dr Bernd Mayer of the Fraunhofer IFAM, Bremen, a member of the jury, underlined in his speech, the special innovative character of the dissertation by Dr Katharina Pohl – for which she received the award. The dissertation with the title: Surface Chemistry and Corrosion Studies of Zn-Al and Zn-Mg-Al Alloy Coatings, written at the University of Paderborn, contributes to a better understanding of the corrosion mechanisms of zinc alloys.

Dr Terfloth, managing director for research and development at Jowat AG, gave an explanation – comprehensible for everyone – on the connection between the research work and the technology of bonding. ‘Risk intelligence – I dare, therefore I am!’ was the motto of the guest speaker Peter Buchenau, leadership maverick, author and business cabaret artist.