Osmo UK’s Polyx-Oil range is most commonly used on wooden flooring, but as woodwork expert and YouTube blogger, Peter Parfitt has highlighted, it is also a great finish for other wooden furniture.

Peter’s latest video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxliVE1QDjw – walks viewers through the construction of a wooden picture frame. As the design was for a proud set of grandparents, Peter wanted to bring the frame to life and so, chose Osmo’s Polyx-Oil Effects Gold finish.

After sanding the wood to 180 grit, Peter thinly applied two coats of the Polyx-Oil finish with a small brush. While the finish appears rich in colour in the tin, it provides a subtle touch of gold which emphasising the grain of the wood.  As with all Osmo products, the finish is extremely easy to apply.

Osmo’s Polyx-Oil Effect Gold has all the renowned properties of Polyx-Oil, such as being resistant to water and dirt, very durable and smoothens wood surfaces but with the added bonus of being tinted to allow for individual creativity. Osmo’s Polyx-Oil Effect is available in three shades. Silver (3091) and Gold (3092) are designed for dark wood species such as smoked Oak, to stain the grain to achieve modern colour effects. Polyx-Oil Effect Raw (3044) prevents the permanent ‘wet look’ that appears with original clear Polyx®-oil. A minimal amount of white pigment is used to retain the natural light colour tone of the raw wood.

In comparison to conventional finishes, the natural vegetable oils and waxes allow for an even colouring and a harmonic, smooth surface result. It is microporous and therefore does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

For more information on Osmo’s range of eco-friendly solutions, visit www.osmouk.com

To view Peter’s video, visit his YouTube channel.