The Mereway Group has invested in Schelling’s FH6 cut-to-size saw and High Performance Optimisation software (HPO) – part of its £1million commitment to improving productivity.

Requiring a versatile machine that has the ability to cut a variety of materials, Schelling’s FH6 was the only choice. Mereway’s maintenance manager Steve Gardner explains: “It is important to us to have a sawing system which is adaptable to changing customer needs, particularly with regard to board thickness and board dimensions.”

The FH6 delivers the flexibility to change from medium density fibreboard to thin panel material below 6mm quickly and efficiently. 

The speed and accuracy of the saw was also important. With a saw blade diameter of 460mm it provides a maximum saw blade projection of 135mm, an insert speed of 80m/min and a saw travel speed of up to 150m/min resulting in higher ejection speed for finished parts.

And thanks to its integrated sensors and automatically adjustable alignment pressure, even high book cuts are accurately aligned.

Steve adds: “The new Schelling machine has shortened our made-to-order lead times to three days and increased our capacity. At Mereway we try to differentiate ourselves in a saturated market. We believe our investment in machinery can help set us apart."