Prima Foam, a division of Vitafoam, achieved the FIRA Gold Product Certification for its Primalux cushion, a new style of seat and back cushion which aims to deliver comfort and durability with reduced maintenance when compared to a feather or fibre cushion.

The cushion is already set to be used in products by two British companies; furniture manufacturer and retailer, Multiyork, and upholstery manufacturer, Duresta.

FIRA Gold Product Certification is a quality mark operated by FIRA International and backed by the Furniture Industry Research Association, experts in the furniture industry for 65 years.

Based in Bedford, Prima Foam was established in 1932 as Hairlok and is now one of the conversion divisions of Vitafoam, supplying into a wide range of markets with the main focus on upholstery foams.

Phil Reynolds, chief operating officer for FIRA International, says: “We are pleased to be able to award FIRA Gold Product Certification to Prima Foam. Made from a combination of premium foam and china duck feathers, the Primalux cushion was required to pass a range of performance tests before receiving the Certification. This includes durability, where tests simulate real-life use to show how the product will perform over time. We also ensure consistency in production quality through regular audit testing and inspections to check that the Primalux cushions continue to provide a high level of performance. By following these strict processes, FIRA Gold provides ongoing reassurance to specifiers, retailers and customers.”

Andy Corbett, commercial director for Prima Foam, says: “The Primalux cushion’s unique blend of fillings has the aesthetic characteristics of a fibre or feather cushion whilst utilising foam as the main component. It contains individually-weighed compartments ensuring even material distribution and consistency. We are delighted to have received FIRA Gold for this quality product.”

Adrian Iles, joint managing director at Multiyork, comments: “With nearly four decades of British manufacturing heritage behind us, we take great pride in ensuring that every component of our designs reflects the utmost quality. We’re thrilled to see the ‘Premium Feather and Foam’ seat and back cushion receive a FIRA Gold Product Certification. Boasting both comfort and resilience with lower customer maintenance, it’s a fantastic addition to our range of cushion fillings available. This, together with our newly awarded Manufacturing Guild Mark certification, allows us to provide our customers with continued reassurance of long-lasting, expertly crafted products that deliver high levels of performance.”

Also commenting on the award-winning cushion, Dave Johnstone, new product development manager at Duresta, says: “Duresta is pleased to offer the new, highly-resilient, cushion fillings from this specialist supplier. Prima Foam has invested heavily in their development and the cushions are both extremely comfortable and able to retain their loft very well. Congratulations to Andy Corbett for achieving FIRA Gold.”

FIRA Gold Certification is awarded following stringent assessment of the products to ensure they fulfil all relevant industry standards. The certification means that the production processes used by Prima Foam have passed a rigorous series of tests to ensure that their Primalux cushions are made to the highest standards each and every time. It is the only certification scheme recognised by the furniture industry and audited by an independent third party.

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