Already established trainers of wood machinists in all sectors, Daltons Wadkin has recently invested in additional training personnel and new training materials with the aim of raising standards to a new high in the industry. New training methods and procedures have been devised and supporting booklets produced in association with experienced training provider John Gubb of Safety Training Woodworking.

Mr Gubb, who, according to Daltons Wadkin, knows more about operator training than most – has many years experience not only with training but with accident investigation, advice and provision of safety equipment – is more than happy to work in conjunction with the Daltons Wadkin team.

The availability of Daltons Wadkin trainers and materials adds strength to his own business and working together when required a thoroughly comprehensive training service of the highest standard is offered to the industry.

Francis Dalton said, “We aim to be among the very best and most successful trainers in the country and these changes are a significant step towards that goal. We already have the name and the experience and with the changes we have made and the availability of the knowledge and insight of John Gubb we have significantly raised our game. Our trainers cover the whole of the UK and beyond if necessary and are now equipped with the best training materials available.”

John adds: “It is a pleasure to work with the Daltons Wadkin team. They are ambitious and enthusiastic about training and have experienced and very capable personnel to deliver it. Their training materials are, in my opinion, second to none, and I see no reason why our co-operation should not go from strength to strength.”

Daltons Wadkin see no limit to their aspirations in the training sector and expect to double turnover within the next 12 months.

Machine operators generally receive training on-site, ie on the machines they are working on a day by day basis, or alternatively the work can be carried out at the Daltons Wadkin headquarters in Nottingham. Recipients receive not only expert training but also a health check on the machines they are using together with relevant health and safety advice. Training booklets are provided as a permanent record of the teaching involved and for future reference.  Individual certificates are issued for each student on completion.

In addition Daltons Wadkin are able to provide risk assessments on buildings and equipment. These involve an initial inspection by qualified personnel and culminate in the issuing of files containing full inventories and all necessary documentation relevant to the work processes involved.