State-of-the-art panel saw manufacturer, Elcon, has long been at the forefront when it comes to advanced technology, construction and design.

The UK distributor, Daltons Wadkin, maintains Elcon was the first company to produce a fully-programmable automatic machine – the Quadra model – which is a virtual beam saw in the vertical plane incorporating a host of features designed to enhance ease of operation and performance.

Once again leading from the front, the Dutch panel saw specialist has broken new ground with its latest DSD Titan model, which will cut up to 150mm deep as well as accommodating sheet materials of almost any size. This makes the Titan an ideal machine for sandwich panels made up of composite materials which could include wood, plastic, aluminium or even steel. 

Alternatively, the Titan provides the capacity for cutting solid timber sections up to 150mm in thickness – indeed UK distributor Daltons Wadkin has recently taken an order for a machine which will be used for cutting timber for use in the construction of log cabins.

Daltons Wadkin sales director Andy Walsh is very enthusiastic about this outstanding development from Elcon: “The Titan is a unique machine with a performance and capacity unmatched by any competitor worldwide. We are used to seeing Elcon at the forefront of technology and their strength and build quality is outstanding but this machine opens up whole new markets for vertical sawing.” 

The Elcon DSD Titan contains unique user characteristics: to provide the increased cutting capacity, the guidance system is based upon a double column construction with heavy duty bearing blocks.

As standard it is equipped with a powerful 5.5kW (7.5hp) motor with optional 7.5kW, 10hp S6 and pneumatic rotation of the saw head for ease of operation. 

A number of optional features are available to refine the machine to bespoke user requirements. Amongst these is: a specially designed saw guard to protect very sensitive top layers of panels, automatic panel detection to prevent damaging the panel edges and a laser line indicator to show the saw cutting line.

In addition, variable feed speed – to allow adaptation for optimal cutting – automatic cutting cycle for both vertical and horizontal axes, adjustable stroke length and touch screen control for clear selection of functions and precise operation, stand out among Titan’s array of stand-out features.

The impressive deep-cutting Elcon Titan