Continuously progressing internationalisation has a profound effect on the business activities of the Jowat Group, one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives around the world. More than 75% of the group revenues are generated abroad, almost half of the 950 employees operate from globally-active companies outside of Germany.

In consequence, the demands related to a flexible and globally successful corporate structure are steadily growing.

In the light of the above, the shareholders of Jowat AG have resolved to change the legal form of the company by converting to a European Stock Corporation (Societas Europaea, in short SE), which became effective with the registration of SE in the

Commercial Register on 1st March 2015. The SE status, in supranational European legal form, is recognised in all European countries and profits from a high level of recognition outside of Europe.

“With the new legal form, Jowat is emphasising the international market orientation and promotes an open and cross-border corporate culture as well as a uniform corporate image throughout Europe,” states Klaus Kullmann, managing director on the board for sales and marketing.

“At the same time, additional options are created to further promote the strategic development of the company.”
Jowat SE becomes the unrestricted universal successor of Jowat AG, accordingly assumes all legal rights and obligations, and will continue to operate under a dual system consisting of Board of Directors and Supervisory Board. Detmold will remain as registered office of Jowat SE.

“As a family enterprise, we highly value long-term commitments with our customers and suppliers,” states Ralf Nitschke, managing director for production, finances and human resources Jowat SE.

“In spite of the market dynamics, a sustainable entrepreneurship must draw on consistency, reliability and trust. The conversion will therefore not modify the character of the Jowat Group as a family enterprise and the corporate policy to any extent.”

Jowat SE’s Detmold headquarters and manufacturing facilities