As Riepe now supplies to over 60 countries worldwide and is active in those markets, they have, over time, built up a large professional network of local distributors. These sector-oriented distributors, in addition to selling the products, are extremely knowledgeable with regard to servicing and adjustment of the Riepe spraying systems.

As Riepe places great importance in a uniform, high quality service standard, their distributors must also fulfil these standards. In order to realise this goal worldwide, a special training programme has been developed tailored to the needs of individual distributors. This ensures that the standards demanded for finish quality solutions are attained in practice with the customers.

These local partners are supported in this aim by Riepe technicians from Germany. These highly qualified technicians, who together bring with them decades of experience with regard to woodworking machines, are always pleased to assist the furniture producer with advice, guidance and service.

Obviously, such comprehensive know-how is indispensable. When visiting customers not only is the functionality of the Riepe systems checked, but the entire customer edgebanding process is considered and analysed.

For larger fitting requirements, servicing or training programmes, no distance is too far and no task too hard in order to achieve the perfect finish quality solution.

The use of only high quality raw materials in Riepe products means that the company can guarantee its customers consistent high quality.

These chemical products, designed to meet respective customer needs, are developed in the company’s own laboratory. All the products are readily available via the main distribution centre in Germany or worldwide through the local distributor network.

Riepe applies the same quality standards during the production of its spraying systems. All the components are subject to strict internal standard requirements and undergo a final 100% inspection. As a result the customer can be offered a reliable, low maintenance (maintenance-friendly) product.

In addition to the rapid delivery from stock of its standard spraying systems, customer-specific solutions can also be realised very quickly.

Riepe spraying systems are guaranteed for life when used only in conjunction with Riepe chemical products.

Innovative, flexible, solution-oriented and the undertaking of continual development alongside its tried and tested technology makes the company a worldwide market leader in finish quality solutions  for woodworking machines.

Leading machine manufacturers worldwide recommend exclusively the use of Riepe products.

Riepe welcomes visitors to its stand at Ligna and will be pleased to fully explain the benefits of its systems and chemical products.