Ecogate Ltd, the distributor of Ecogate energy-saving dust extraction technology, has appointed Cades Ltd as an authorised installer.

Bradford-based Cades is the latest major UK dust extraction specialist to partner Ecogate. Ecogate is a proven energy-saving extraction optimisation system developed by California-based Ecogate, Inc and has an impressive track record of successful applications in the UK

As an authorised installer, Cades can offer its customers the complete Ecogate product range, including variable speed drives. It will also undertake energy-saving surveys, as well as full installation and commissioning of Ecogate extraction optimisation systems.

Commenting on the move Steve Rhodes, sales director at Cades, says: “Being able to offer the energy-saving benefits of Ecogate, together with our exclusive UK distributorship for Moldow high-technology filters, will considerably strengthen our all-round dust and fume extraction capability.”

Ecogate claims that installing its ‘extraction-on-demand’ system will slash electricity bills by up to 80% and will typically pay for itself in just two years. In most workshops, as little as 50% of machinery may be in operation at any given time, but dust extraction usually runs at full capacity, with fixed fan speed, all of the time.

The outcome is an extraction system which is likely to be consuming more electricity than all the lights and all the machinery put together. An Ecogate system employs a central controller, automatic motorised gates, remote machine sensors and variable speed technology. When a woodworking machine is turned on, the sensor signals the controller to open the motorised gate of that particular machine to provide extraction and the controller determines the optimum fan speed. The result is an optimised system that only uses energy when required.

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