This month, the Swindon branch of UK surfacing distributor IDS has celebrated an encouraging 4000 working days without a single Lost Time Accident (LTA).

This latest statistic means that the 38-strong team has impressively racked up almost 12 LTA-free years.

Lost Time Accidents, an industry-recognised term, are classed as any work-related accident that prevents a worker from coming to work on the day after an accident. They can range from a major incident to the simple stubbing of a toe on a desk.

Dan Flack, Swindon branch manager at IDS, says: “This is a great reflection on every department in the branch and it is extra special because we have a fully functioning nightshift with the additional risks that working through the evening hours can bring.

“We take the safety of our employees extremely seriously at IDS and ensuring each and every person goes home safely to their families is at the forefront of what we do. I thank all of the staff team for working towards our high safety standards with pride and the target now is to push on to 5000 days!”

In 2008, IDS became the first distribution business in the Saint-Gobain Group to be awarded the Diamond Award for Excellence, in recognition of the company’s impressive performance in Health & Safety at its Nuneaton branch, which acts as its central distribution centre. In 2010, IDS achieved OHSAS 18001 for its Health & Safety management system.

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