Holzma has revolutionised the cutting process in batch size 1 production with the HPS 320 flexTec. Designed for processing single panels, this cutting cell redefines the part flow, offering a fully automated workflow with unlimited recuts.

This technology was debuted at this year’s Ligna fair in Hanover and was voted one of the top three ‘Most Significant Innovations’ of 2015 by the Innovations Symposium.

Taking place in Hanover every two years, Ligna is the world’s leading international trade fair for the timber and woodworking industries. During May, more than 1500 exhibitors showcased their latest innovations for the woodworking industry.

These ranged from singular tools and machines to entire production systems. With such a vast array of new technological developments on display, it was a difficult decision to see which would make the shortlist for the most significant innovation of Ligna 2015.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Innovations Symposium announced the winning technology at the event organised by Holz-Zentralblatt (Germany’s leading trade journal for the forestry and woodworking industries), the magazine HK, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and the business consultancy Schuler Consulting GmbH.

A shortlist was drawn up by an expert panel of students, under the guidance of Professors Dr. Frieder Scholz, Dr Matthias Zscheile and Maximilian Ober, all from the Faculty of Wood Technology at Rosenheim UAS.

When debating what technology should be considered for the title of Most Significant Innovation, strict criteria were taken into consideration. These included new concepts for furniture manufacturing, building components and prefabricated houses from the three segments: machining technology, surface technology and assembly, handling and logistics.

Furthermore, the concept must constitute a genuine innovation for the industry as a whole. Therefore it needs to be cutting-edge technology which was not exhibited at the previous Ligna fair and is less than two years old.

The HPS 320 flexTec took third place for the title of the Most Significant Innovation 2015. This is unsurprising as the HPS 320 features an innovative panel cutting cell, with highly flexible cutting pattern layout, for batch size 1 cutting on a grand scale.

With the aid of an automated robot, the HPS 320 produces unlimited recuts with automatic offcuts handling. Up to 1500 individual parts can be produced per shift, with a very high level of energy efficiency and little maintenance. This complete package from Holzma impressed the trade visitors at the Innovations Symposium.

For more information about the Holzma HPS 320 flexTec, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.