H.B. Fuller has officially opened its newest technical centre of excellence in Lüneburg, Germany. Called the Adhesive Academy, the upgraded facility is designed to help customers respond more quickly and effectively to market trends, industry challenges and opportunities.

Combining state-of-the-art equipment with the collective knowledge of experts drawn from H.B. Fuller’s global network, this impressive facility will be a focus for the company’s adhesive research and development work.

Drawing on specialist knowledge from different industry sectors, the academy provides an environment to work in partnership with customers to solve problems, and create new solutions, more rapidly and more effectively than ever before.

“Our new adhesive academy is a perfect example of what we mean by connecting what matters,” says H.B. Fuller’s President and CEO, Jim Owens. “It brings together everything necessary to connect customers to innovative adhesive solutions that will give them a competitive edge.

“From the academy, we will strengthen our commercial partnerships, solve some of the world’s toughest adhesion challenges and develop market-ready solutions to help drive customer and industry performance.”

Nick Lehman, R&D director, adds: “By bringing together adhesive specialists from different sectors to share expertise, transfer technologies between markets and stimulate ideas, we are confident we can accelerate adhesive innovation.

“Furthermore, we are providing those experts with first-class offices, laboratories, technical facilities and machinery to ensure they have the best possible environment in which to think and to create.”

Covering 2300 sq m, the Lüneburg Adhesive Academy includes dedicated areas for packaging and converting, hygiene and durable assembly adhesive technologies. The facilities here are outstanding, and probably the best there is under the roof of any adhesive manufacturer in the world.

Manufactures are invited to bring their own materials to test drive products in a controlled environment on a wide range of up-to-the-minute machinery and equipment, without disrupting their own production programme.

The ideology the H.B. Fuller academy is clear to see: it is a commitment to doing the things they do, but better. It features an outstanding suite of laboratories, staffed with experts in their field, driving onward to develop new answers and better products. Put simply, H.B. Fuller’s Adhesive

Academy represents a new benchmark and will quickly become an international point of reference in the adhesive industry not only in terms of product development, but in customer relationship development too – in other words, connecting what matters, as they say in Lüneberg.