South African board producer, PG Bison, has confirmed an order for a high gloss hot-coating line from Barberán. The new production line for melamine-coated boards will enable PG Bison to offer its customers a readily-available, high quality range of gloss products at affordable prices.

This completely new process from Barberan uses the product HotCoating from Kleiberit, which is applied directly to the melamine surface. According to the company, the Barberán line saves user time and money by eliminating the process of primer application.

The production line incorporates the five typical high gloss application steps in one process, or pass. This includes the hot-coating application, filling, base-coating, sanding and lacquering.

Barberán says this process solves the typical difficulties of this type of treatment, with a simple and compact line that improves the product properties, resistance and durability, above those results obtained with conventional UV systems. All these units can accommodate board widths of 600-2400mm.