With 12 subsidiaries around Europe, Hranipex has been actively growing worldwide in recent years. The goal of achieving success in the UK market was handed to Alexandr Alexandrov – the managing director of the UK subsidiary back in 2012.

Since its opening, the UK subsidiary has been very succesful in introduucing itself into the UK market during the last four years. After the UK branch was set up in December 2011, the Hranipex UK team has steadliy grown, with now up to 12 members of staff dedicating themselves to the success and growth of the branch.

With currently over a thousand active customers, the company has quickly achieved impressive figures and therefore Alexandr’s role to introduce and earn Hranipex UK a substantial role in the UK market has been successfully completed.

At present, Hranipex has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, France, UK, Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and the Ukraine with the parent company in the Czech Republic. This successful assembly of branches is supported by partners in over 65 European countries. Hranipex will persist in expanding further in Europe as well as continuing to grow worldwide.

Looking for new key partners in global markets such as EMEA, APAC, LASA and north America is a natural approach for Hranipex to further its reach in the industry.

Customers around the world have been demanding an opportunity to use its products in their markets. Hranipex needs key account pro-active partners who are able to offer Hranipex services and products in their markets.

Hranipex chairman, Zdenek Rýzner jr, comments: “We do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best worldwide … and our goal is you – a satisfied customer.”

Alexandr Alexandrov is to become a key figure in this new adventure. He says: “It’s very exciting to have a unique chance to become a key account manager.”

Alexandr says: “I’d like to thank the whole UK Hranipex team who have been very supportive throughout my time within the UK. People are the back bone of companies and these people are the best you can imagine to be your colleagues. Thanks guys!

“Some of our competitors have had a chance to serve the market for 20 years or more, but their history is not comparable to our level of service,” says Alexandr. “Hranipex is offering the best service around in selling edging tapes and I strongly recommend any customer in the UK to try Hranipex service for one month as a trial because you can only benefit from it. When you see the difference it is to have a reliable partner for edging you will never go back.

“Do you like a supplier who will deliver on time, who can offer all you need, who will provide you with special services and who will also face any issue you may have? Communication is the key and we will be happy to treat you as our number one priority,”  concludes Alexandr.

Now, the responsibility for making sure that Hranipex UK continues its success is in the capable hands of its new managing director, Peter Zmatlo.

Hranipex Czech Republic wishes Mr Zmatlo success in his new role and would like to thank Mr Alexandrov for his good work over the last six years and of course, further success in his new role as worldwide key account manager.

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