Biesse’s free half-day ‘Cabinets Made Easy’ workshop at its Daventry Tech Centre, proved to be a roaring success, with excellent customer feedback. This was reflected in the number of customers who purchased solutions to help improve their businesses, whether that was from a production efficiency standpoint or improving market penetration.

Biesse’s call to action message – Never has it been more important to make the right investment choice, so let Biesse help you understand which manufacturing process suits your business – appears to have struck the right chord with many of the visitors specifically seeking answers to their processing issues.

The event was also billed as the UK launch of bCabinet, which is the latest module in Biesse’s inclusive suite of applications, called bSuite, and allows customers to manage their design and production from screen to machine, with full 3D simulation.

The bCabinet demonstrations were heavily attended and Biesse complimented this with live machine demonstrations on CNC Routers such as the Rover K, Rover A (five axis), Skill and Klever as well as the Sektor 470 beamsaw with twin pusher technology. Drilling and insertion was covered with Bre.Ma V31 and Eko 902, whilst edgebanding (including Biesse’s zero glue line solution) was demonstrated on Akron 1440 Airforce, Akron 1330 and 1310 and Jade 240 machines. Finishing on Viet S211 and S213 sanding machines completed the all-round capability of this truly educational event.

To complement the educational nature of these events, Biesse turned to Blum, Ovvo and Leitz to partner them in demonstrating new and innovative methods of construction, fixings, fittings and tooling, where customers could actually see the reality and practicality of adopting certain methods of cabinet manufacture.

Steve Bulmer, CEO of Biesse UK, enthused: “We were absolutely delighted with the response. This was a completely interactive event, where we listened to our customer’s and potential customer’s issues and worked with them to provide solutions which suited them best. This will be the first of many such events where we’ll look at specific areas of our industry and work with our customers to help them achieve better quality, greater efficiency and larger cost reductions.”