Taking measurement seriously is the name of a new video added by Blue Diamond to its YouTube channel, providing a two-minute introduction to the firm’s Baty multi-sensor Venture CNC vision system.

Blue Diamond, which specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made mechanical components in metal, plastic and rubber, sets great store by its quality control procedures and the company’s ability to deliver a product which is consistently correct in every detail.

To observe first-hand how the Baty system helps with this endeavour, enter Blue Diamond Technologies Measurement on YouTube.

The Baty machine allows measurements obtained from the actual component to be compared with the dimensions and tolerances in the original engineering drawing – with any inconsistencies being highlighted by the CNC programming.

More than this, the machine can also be used to create 2D engineering drawings by simply scanning an existing component – a particularly useful facility if a part has been re-engineered or if its original drawings have been lost or damaged.

Watch the video on www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XRGQo5Rmwo and see just how easy it can be to ensure that accurate component measurements are sustained.

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