Invented by seasoned English designer and cabinetmaker, Jim Burgess, in 2011, Curvomatic is steadily becoming the tool of choice for anyone looking for a more efficient and accurate method of manufacturing curved components.

Curvomatic’s client list includes some of the biggest and best names in the fields of interiors, joinery, yacht building, spiral staircase manufacturing and acrylic fabrication.

Curvomatic has clients making everything from replacement polycarbonate windscreens for military vehicles to oil industry companies casting sections of pipeline insulation. Many of the company’s clients are, however, very small businesses and even woodwork hobbyists.

Jim says: “Convincing the trade that such a simple system cannot just work as well as the existing tooling but actually give better results with a lot less effort, has not been easy. We feel now that the systems’ qualities are proven however, with many of our clients ordering more every year to keep pace with the increasing demand for curves.

“Our biggest problems are that the extrusions pretty much last a lifetime and companies using the system seem reluctant to tell anyone else about it! I’m not surprised though as Curvomatic gives companies the ability to charge less or make a greater margin than their competition when making curves. If I was still making furniture and I had Curvomatic, I would keep it to myself too!”

The Curvomatic extrusions can be used simply to make moulds for vacuum and hydraulic pressing systems or as a complete moulding and pressing system in their own right.

“What ever you are curving – as long as you are working at temperatures under 300°C – Curvomatic can offer the very best quality results at a fraction of the material and labour costs of all other systems,” concludes Jim.

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