During 2016, a new range of CNC machines will be unveiled by Italian CNC specialst, Masterwood, this is the result of continuous development of machines to ensure it covers all of its customers growing requirements.

There are now four main ranges for three-, four-, and five-axis machines, these are the entry level 200 series, followed by 300 (bridge construction) and 400 (cantilever version) and at the top end, the 500 series. All the machines come complete with vertical and horizontal drilling, vertical router, automatic tool changer, and a patented tubeless pod and rail bed.

Options that can be added to the machines include direct drive horizontal routers, C-axis (fourth axis), waste conveyors, thickness sensors, and automatic bed  positioning systems.

The machines can all take stack tooling up to 250mm in diameter, allowing traditional mortise and tenon joints to be fully machined.

The Project 265 (pictured) has allowed new designs in the construction to give an improved performance and a greater cut in the Y axis (width), important for the door industry.

Another new development available on all these machines is the patented MasterSet system, a low cost and very effective laser positioning system that allows the support arms and vacuum pods to be quickly and accurately positioned, once again putting Masterwood CNC machines at the forefront.
A growing range of Matrix bed machines are also available along with fully automated lines.

To compliment the range of Masterwood CNC machining centres is a complete range of software packages to cover all manufacturing requirements.

Every machine is supplied with long established MasterWorks Cad/Cam, a quick and easy system to design and programme for solid timber and panel components. Along with Master AT, the machines operating and optimising software, this system has allowed our customers an easy route into CNC without the complications  and costs of more advanced software packages.

To add to this entry package there is the Masterwood Stair package (worked in partnership with StairBiz). There are now over 130 customers in the UK and Ireland who use one of Masterwood’s stair packages – a great reflection on the dedication of the companty to the solid timber industry.

Further packages are available for windows, timber frame doors, sliding sash windows, cabinets, door sets, and furniture. A new introduction has been Master 3D, which can produce a wide variety of work for three-, four- and five-axis machines, including a wide variety of decorative panels and the items in the   pictures below. More software developments will be launched during 2016, keeping Masterwood as the major one-stop-shop supplier.

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