Weinig UK after sales administrator Tony Hooper has just celebrated 25 years with the company, and is the sixth employee of Weinig UK to do so.

Over the last three years, five employees in the Weinig UK service department in Abingdon have been presented with their 25 year service awards, and they were joined by after sales administrator Tony last month.

The Weinig Group says it gives its customers a five-star after sales service and the longevity and loyalty of its staff says a lot about the company and its service philosophy.

Tony started his working life at an automotive parts packaging company but family connections with other Weinig employees led to a position in the stores at Weinig UK. This led on to the essential support department of spare parts and service. “The biggest change over the last 25 years has been the advances in technology,” says Tony. “Long gone are the manuals for cross-checking parts. Telelex, faxes, stand-alone computers mean my role has evolved; now I work with two screens, and could use a third!”

Tony knows his numbers – vital in the ever-growing spare parts sector. “The Weinig product range is expanding, not to mention the added products as the Weinig Group of companies continues to grow. I deal directly with customers as well as the agents, and we are proactive and anticipate customers’ needs whenever we can,” he says.

“I enjoy my job and 25 years has gone fast! There is no real secret – the company is reliable, stable, growing, and looks after us, and we look after it and our customers.”

Malcolm Cuthbertson, managing director of Weinig UK says: “For an employee to commit 25 years to one company is an impressive achievement, but to have six is extraordinary and represents a wealth of experience. Tony has my personal congratulations and I am sure this will be echoed by many people in the industry.”

Weinig gives service back-up its highest priority, building an enviable reputation, and believes that service is the lifeblood of woodworking manufacturers. Customer service in Weinig is not just a department, it is an attitude. It guarantees prompt service cover on its whole range of solid wood processing machinery – its speciality.

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