Bournemouth-based Finishing Brands UK has created a new and all-encompassing Wood Finishing Selection Guide.

Finishing Brands, one of the leading manufacturers of spray painting equipment in the world have released a new, bigger 12-page A4 catalogue that includes much more company and technical information on the entire Binks, DeVilbiss and Ransburg spray painting product line, including more market, application, specification and part number ordering information.

Achieving the perfect finish for the wood job starts by matching the finishing spray materials with the correct spray application method and equipment. The wood selection guide intends to provide the users with the information to make an informed decision by taking into consideration influencing factors such as

Finish quality, Spray atomisation technology, Transfer efficiency, Coating type, Equipment operation. Operator training, Environmental considerations and legislation.

The products include an application indicator paint container which is colour-coded to indicate which Binks, DeVilbiss or Ransburg product should be used with the appropriate coating material/process.

The guide explains in detail the type of atomisation technology to best apply the coating type with the best and most efficient process.

The selection guide also features several new or recently introduced products; including DeVilbiss Manual and Automatic paint spray guns, Binks Air Assisted Airless auto Spray Gun and 2K machines, more new paint pumps from the Binks MX line and the very latest Ransburg RansFlex Electrostatic applicators.

For further information, contact Tony Birch, European Product Manager.

T 01202-596234