The world’s leading fittings manufacturer, Blum, will exhibit at KBB 2016 with another 245 square metre stand, following on from the success of 2014.

Hall 18, Stand: N100

The focus for this year’s show is a combination of their superb solutions for handle-less kitchen furniture – 1,3,4 Infinity; their unique Global Customer Benefits programme; and their innovative Space Tower Concept.

1 theme, 3 applications, 4 motion technologies and an Infinite number of combinations.
Blum fittings solutions for handle-less furniture throughout the home

Handle-less furniture is the on-going trend in both the kitchen and elsewhere in the home. Blum offers 3 applications (lift system, hinges and pull-outs) and 4 motion technologies (Blumotion, Tip-On, Servo-Drive and the new Tip-On Blumotion which will be launched in the UK at this show)

The applications can be combined with different motion technologies, for example with a mechanical or electric support system (depending on the degree of convenience desired) so that handle-less fronts open at a single touch. And they close again softly and effortlessly with Blum’s tried and tested soft-close Blumotion.

Blum’s Tip-On mechanical opening support system gives you easy one-touch opening for handle-less stay lifts, doors and pull-outs. Tip-On Blumotion combines this mechanical opening support system with tried and tested soft-close Blumotion. For supreme user ease opt for Servo-Drive, the electric motion support system by Blum.

Thanks to Servo-Drive, lift systems open at a single touch and close again at the press of a switch. And now Blum also offers the electric motion support system for one-off applications. For example, the company has a NEW Servo-Drive Flex solution for fridge/freezers.

Global Customer Benefits, Blum support all four sectors in the kitchen industry.
Exceeding expectations with Blum Services.

Blum has a philosophy of Global Customer Benefits, which means they aim to support every sector of the kitchen industry that touches their business, whether that is Manufacturers, Retailers, Fitters or the Consumer. Blum’s unique Retail Services Division is a specialised division to help Retailers make the most of their showrooms, which includes dedicated training days at Milton Keynes.

As well as the Retail Services Division, Blum has a dedicated Customer Service Representative for each region, who are always available to support their products and services throughout the furniture industry. In order to support manufacturers and fitters, Blum have developed a range of tools, jigs, assembly aids, flexible assembly and cabinet construction software and recently have extended the hours of their Technical Helpline.

Finally the Lifetime Guarantee offered on all products means that Consumers can be sure they are getting the best quality fittings available.

The Space Tower larder unit by Blum
The convenient way to store food

If you want a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner pull-outs can be planned and designed individually and that gives you easy access to items from all three sides, then you’ll like the Space Tower by Blum. This is the convenient and ergonomic way to store food in modern kitchens. Well-thought-out cabinet solutions make optimal use of the storage space available and enhance everyday kitchen workflows.

Blum’s practical Space Tower larder unit is a good example in this context. It has a door and inner pull-outs that can be planned and designed individually. The larder unit is available in every height, width and depth. Flexible inner dividing systems, such as Ambia-Line or Orga-Line, organise the interior. They give you clear visibility and hold items securely, such as provisions and bottles, and ensure that open packets don’t tip over.

The Space Tower larder unit has full extension pull outs that give you clear visibility and direct access to contents – from all three sides and from above. Tall items, such as bottles can be easily removed from above.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to pull open the weight of the entire cabinet to remove one item, you just have to open the pull-out you need. If you use high, closed drawer sides, you can create up to 55% more storage space! In addition, each Space Tower drawer has a load bearing capacity of up to 70kg.

Thanks to integrated, soft-close Blumotion, the pull-outs will always close softly and effortlessly. And if you like, you can also equip them with Tip-On Blumotion runners or the Servo-Drive electric motion support system.

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