Blum’s highly successful appearance at March’s KBB exhibition was down to showing innovative and exclusive products – appealing to, and sparking the interest of, manufacturers, designers and specifiers, kitchen fitters and buyers alike.

Star of the show was the newly-launched Tip-On Blumotion – a combined concept that effortlessly (literally) blends the Tip-On push latch one-touch opening system with the Blumotion soft-close drawer mechanism. Tip-On Blumotion brings streamlined ease of use to handleless furniture – not just in the kitchen, but throughout the entire home.

All pull-out systems and drawers can benefit from Tip-On Blumotion, which can be optimally integrated into existing planning dimensions. To set designers’ minds at ease, no additional modifications to cabinet, front panel or box need be made. A minimum front gap of just 2.5mm is required for the opening trigger function to operate, and four-dimensional adjustment means that Tip-On Blumotion can be used in any situation.

Blum has extended the handle-less concept to include integrated fridges and freezers … or combinations thereof. Servo-Drive flex is a new electrical opening system for integrated cooling appliances; all it needs is a 60mm space above the appliance door.

As always, the Blum concept is to make life easier for everyone, with the help of clever storage and accessibility concepts. Studies by Blum concluded that its movement and technical solutions can improve usable storage space by up to 55% when compared with ‘standard’ drawers and fixed shelves in a kitchen.

The Space Tower larder unit has been made even easier to use and specify, thanks to the new ‘one box order’ system, which streamlines the ordering process. A Space Tower larder unit allows every inch of space to be used – the full extension of each shelf means that no ‘reaching in or over’ voids are needed. The easy-order one-box system comprises stainless steel Legrabox drawers, each of which can hold up to 40 kg – or 40 bags of sugar – with Blumotion soft-close technology.

David Sanders, sales and marketing director at Blum UK says: “The show was a great success for us. It’s always a pleasure to meet our customers from the KBB industry, and to hear their comments about both our new and existing products.

“We’re always excited and enthusiastic to demonstrate our new developments and technologies, and it’s inspiring to hear the responses and reactions from our valued customers. We were particularly pleased with the reaction to Space Tower and look forward to seeing the product on display in showrooms.”