We've all seen advertising with the special offers, the discounts, the superior promised trade-in values etc etc, but free machines, well, that's a new type of offer altogether.

The ever-accomodating, customer-focused people at Felder have made a headline-catching offer - with only one proviso, that Austria win the Euro's in France!

Put down a deposit before 10th June and on one of six machines and you could very well get it for free!

Any one of the following machines for part of the offer: a Felder G330 edgebander, an F700Z spindle moulder, a K940S panel saw, an AD951 planer thicknesser, a Format 4 Profil 45 spindle moulder, or a Hammer C3-31 combination machine. All machines will built to the customer's own specification of choice. And if you think it's never going to happen - think back to Denmark in 1993, or Greece in 2004!

The offer applies for orders taken between the 16th May 2016 and the 10th June 2016. A 20% deposit must be paid with the order and will be refunded should Austria win along with any full prior payments made on these machines. Further terms and conditions apply.