MB Maschinenbau from Germany produces a wide range of sanding machines for wood and wood composites, based on brush technology. The spectrum covers both automated solutions like through-feed sanding machines for panels and profiles, as well as joinery machines with a wide field of usage.

The programme is enlarged by automation, material handling and glue application technology that are particularly applied in wooden window production.

For the first time, MB has decided to introduce its patented Roba Tech 1300 to the British market presenting it at W16 taking place this October in Birmingham.

According to MB, the impressive Roba Tech is a brush sanding machine which operates completely differently from all comparable machines of this type.

MB says that the main idea of the Roba Tech principle is to avoid the main disadvantage of known drum-based brush sanding machines: those who normally work with sanding drums have only a very small area in touch with the workpiece – about 20mm – in the vertex of the of the sanding paper. To compensate for this, normal sanding systems have to increase their rotation speed to a high level. This results in a hard touch of the sanding paper leading to an aggressive behaviour on the edges and surface. 

  • See more on the W16-Elements event here.

In contrast to this, the innovative Roba Tech is equipped with a newly-developed sanding belt containing 174 sanding strips and providing a sanding area of approximately 1300 x 1500mm in touch with the workpiece. This, plus the use of more than 250m of brushes installed on all aggregates, guarantees an outstanding sanding performance says MB.

A 360° rotation of the sanding aggregate over the workpiece makes it possible to reach all edges and corners of the workpiece.

Many sanding options are available and easy to recall by the machine’s touchscreen, helping the operator to set the machine to specific sanding requirements. In this way the operator is able to create individual programs for wood, MDF or lacquer sanding applications.

  • See more on the W16-Elements event here.

As an option, the Roba Tech can be equipped with a disc system working with three axis kinematics: 12 rotating disc tools are added to three rotating master discs, while this whole configuration is oscillating back and forth.

This combined movement makes sure that the disc brushes reach every corner of the workpiece to give the part an even edge break and appearance.

Equipped with a click system the machine operator is able to change the disc tools very fast. As an option he may use texturing disc tools using steel wires to give the workpiece a rustic styled and distressed look.

The advantage of using a disc system for this operation is that it is irrelevant in which direction the wood grain is presented. That enables the user to distress even framed five-pieces-doors used in the cabinet or interior doors industry.

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