Biesse Group today welcomed more than a thousand visitors to its annual open house in Pesaro, Italy. 

In a press conference this morning, Biesse sales director Mr Broccoli announced that the Italian firm had enjoyed a very positive trading year, with an order entrance of €350m  in the year to September as compared to €216m for the same period to 2015 - a growth of 13% year on year.

Broccoli said that the markets that had shown improvement was indeed thome market in Italy which is fairing well again but it was the US market which had almost doubled it performance. Other regions doing well were Asia and Australia which had seen similar growth. Russia and Brazil remain weak and somewhat surprisingly, Turkey had also started struggled Broccoli said.

Broccoli also underlined the growth of the Italian business had led to an expansion of the workforce from 2600 to 3600 - and that regular overtime was the norm to keep up with customer demand. He also pointed out that materials handling and edgebanding technology were the two sectors which had given the business extra impetus in recent months.

When asked about the UK situation, following the Brexit vote, Broccoli said that prior to the vote, he (Biesse) was "hyper-scared" but was pleased that the situation was in the UK was "so far, so good". He also underlined the company's long term confidence that in the UK market by reiterating the plan to expand the UK operation with significant investment in order to cope with current and anticipated strengthening of the UK market.