Redwood Innovations has over a decade of experience supplying the furniture and marine industries with adhesives, abrasives and wood coatings. The company has maintained steady growth through excellent service, high quality products with competitive pricing. 

In 2013, in a continued effort to move forward and develop its product range, Redwood Innovations formed a strong relationship with Hesse Lignal coatings and began to supply finishes to its customers. 

Hesse Lignal is a world renowned company with a presence in 27 countries globally and has been producing wood coatings for over 100 years. Hesse’s strong focus on quality confirmed their products were the perfect fit for Redwood and its goal to provide innovative solutions to the wood working industry. 

Hesse’s high wood finishes excel in extreme conditions

The uniquely close relationship between Hesse Lignal and Redwood Innovations ensures that customers buying Hesse Lignal products have the benefit of strong technical back up. The highly trained staff at Redwood can answer queries on applications over the phone as well as on site if required by clients. Redwood is strongly supported by Hesse Lignal both at their headquarters in Germany as well as Technical back up in the UK. 

What this means for customers buying the product is swift response times to queries, on-site training for spray shops and documentation for every product in their range that can be provided at the click of a button.

Hesse Lignal’s lacquers are independently tested and certified resulting in a range which meets standards that exceed expectations

Hesse’s state of the art laboratories in Germany continue to be proactive in providing wood coatings which surpass standards for heat, chemical and scratch resistance. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility and the reduction of residual emissions in their products safety is not compromised.

Its lacquers are independently tested and certified resulting in a range which meets standards that exceed expectations.  With a complete programme for the marine and furniture industries, covering every requirement, Hesse Lignal lacquers are rightly considered to be the benchmark in modern coating technology.

Hesse Lignal’s wood coatings are world renowned

Hesse’s strategic product development has once again raised the bar in pigmented lacquer with the launch of their new Fantastic Colour system. In just one step 60% more material can be applied to the surface of wood. With a drying time of just two hours, it can be applied direct to MDF including the edges without the need for primer. Testing has resulted in some instances of just two coats being applied to achieve a complete finish thus halving processing times for spray shops. 

To take a look at the range and explore Hesse Lignal’s wood coatings know how, contact Redwood Innovations, which is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm.

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