2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the UK sales, training and distribution centre for global power tool manufacturer Makita Corporation. An unbroken record of annual sales growth confirms that today the Makita brand is market leader in the UK’s competitive professional power tool league. Just two years ago Makita worldwide celebrated a century of growth since the Company’s foundation in 1915 at Anjo, Japan.

Since 1972 Makita UK has delivered a consistently successful and ever expanding range of power tools for the professional tradesman. Today, there are more than 600 tools in the Makita UK range and unrivalled innovation has become the hallmark of the brand, constantly improving performance and capability to make many tasks in the construction world more productive, safer for operators, achieving faster, more efficient, completion.  

Makita's 1640 JV101D 10.8v CXT jigsaw

Exceptional product innovations such as the valuable AVT™ – Advanced Vibration Technology – which dramatically reduces HAV risks for operators; Brushless motors for cordless tools that increases motor power output, expands run time and lengthens tool and battery life; and the brilliant MM4 mini four-stroke petrol engine that produces more power, consumes less fuel, cuts noise and emissions of grounds maintenance machines, are just three examples of the constant flow of product science and technology that makes Makita the market leader.

Today’s Makita range includes cordless machines which now rival some mains powered variants for impact power and torque.  The popular 18v Lithium-Ion battery platform, introduced in 2005, has expanded to more than 110 different products and recently the Twin 18v (36v) machines, powered by two of the ever popular existing 18v batteries,  along with a range of domestic and professional cordless garden tools that further expands the powerful cordless range. Pneumatic tools include nailers and staplers whilst there are ever more petrol engine machines for construction and outdoor equipment, and horticultural machines for grounds maintenance and landscape professionals.  An equally broad inventory of high quality accessories, such as drill bits, blades, abrasives and diamond cutting wheels, further enhances the ultimate performance of Makita tools.

“The Makita philosophy has always been customer service first and foremost and to meet the aspirations of the end user first, then our dealers and then finally us as the manufacturer,” explains Barry Smart, national sales manager, Makita UK. 

“Our market has evolved since 1972 when it was 100% mains until today where it is 60/40 in favour of cordless machines. Our forecasts are for continued growth in cordless; our Twin battery 36v machines meet end user requirements for power and performance and this is expanding quickly in our horticultural range.  Opening our new training and customer service centre in Glasgow is further illustration of our commitment to giving our customers the very best possible backup to make their business successful.”

Makita’s ISO-accredited facility at Telford in Shropshire is one of 18 worldwide production plants. Here more than 1.25 million individual power tools are manufactured annually, of which 80% are exported to the worlds markets.

Two further factors are the cornerstones of Makita’s market success in the UK.  The establishment and continuous development of the strongest national network of professional distributors, backed by a skilled sales and demonstration force, is coupled with the ethos of correct training.  

This enables the selection of the most efficient tool for the job and the correct and safe use of the tools in active conditions. This belief is borne out by the major investment in the established training course facility at the Milton Keynes HQ and the new centre in Scotland.