Välinge has recently signed major license agreements with leading world players in the furniture business - Abet Laminati, William Furniture and Skånebeslag - for the use of the unique Threespine click furniture technology. 

The patented Threespine technology, based on the well-proven Välinge 5G locking system, allows very fast and easy assembly of furniture completely without using any tools. The technology locks corners, fronts and back panels or drawer bottoms with a simple click, creating never-seen-before rigid constructions.

Products produced under the recently-signed licenses will reach the market in 2017 and are expected to make a significant impact in their respective segments. 

“It is clear that the market has started to wake up regarding tool-less furnite assembly,” says Välinge CEO Niclas Håkansson. “This relates to flat-packs as well as for rationalisation of factory-assembled products.

Part of Välinge’s impressive manufacturing faciities in Skåne, Sweden

“To meet the increasing demand, Välinge is now making significant investments in both production equipment and personnel."

“We will have a new Homag furniture profiling line installed within the coming months that will complement our existing profiling machines and our CNC machines,” Niclas Håkansson continues. “We have further developed new tongue inserter machines to be able to handle the new demands. We can now, by ourselves or through our partners, offer everything from hand-held tongue inserters to in-line high-speed machines suitable for the fastest through-feed machines.”

Videos of Threespine technology

Watch the video of the cabinet assembly

Watch production of furniture panels video



Välinge has signed a license agreement with the Chinese furniture manufacturer William Furniture. The new agreement makes the company the first in China to implement Threespine click furniture technology in its products.

“The agreement is the result of our close work together with the sales and engineering team from Välinge, including a visit to the R&D facility in Sweden,” says William Noonan, CEO at William Furniture.

William Furniture plans to launch the first piece of furniture shortly – a TV stand. The market launch includes a TV ad campaign in the US and the company has high hopes that the new products will help increase sales.

“We see great potential in the implementation of Threespine in many of our products. The fact that furniture can be assembled without screws, bolts and plugs will be a great selling point and we have already attracted a lot of interest from the US market,” says William.

William Furniture, established in 2006, is today well known for its modern contemporary bedroom furniture. The company is located in Dongguan City and has approximately 300 employees working in the company’s modernised workshops occupying more than 28,000 sq m.

  • Skånebeslag uses Threespine in new line of bathroom cabinets

Välinge has signed a license agreement with the Swedish bathroom cabinet manufacturer Skånebeslag for the use of Threespine click furniture technology. 

Skånebeslag will implement Threespine technology in a new line of bathroom cabinets made of compact laminate with the aim to offer new designs to its customers. 

“Threespine technology will enable us to use mitre joints which is quite unique for products in compact laminate. In combination with removing all visible screws we will now be able to further improve the design of our cabinets,” says Skånebeslag CEO Mikael Bornéus.”

We are convinced that the new line of cabinets will appeal to architects and interior designers and that, in turn, will help us achieve our goal of continuous growth.”

In addition to improved design, Threespine will enable faster assembly as well as other benefits such as drill-free wall mounting and the possibility to hide transformers and cables.

”We had been working on some technical details to improve our cabinets and with Threespine several pieces of the puzzle fell into place,” continues Mikael.

The family-owned company Skånebeslag has been in the furniture business since 1972 and today supplis products to all Nordic countries. The first products with Threespine technology are scheduled to be available in the spring of this year.

  • Abet Laminati to add customer value with Threespine click furniture technology by Välinge

Välinge has signed a license agreement with Abet Laminati for the use of its Threespine click furniture technology. By implementing the technology in its products, the Italian producer will now be able to offer additional benefits to its existing customers as well as to create new business opportunities.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to add customer value, both from a cost and design perspective,” says Abet Laminati general manager Cesare Tonini.

“With these new products we will help our customers to significantly reduce costs related to transportation and assembly, and the end products will look much better without any visible fittings.”

The first line of products featuring Threespine, available this spring, will be compact laminate panels for lockers typically used in public dressing rooms. Other future products featuring Threespine are wall panels for applications such as public restrooms, also known as cubicles.