Combilift is well known with Ligna visitors for putting on a show and exhibiting new models and technological advancements in its products, and this year is no exception. 

The Irish specialist manufacturer of customised handling solutions will occupy a large stand in the heart of the outdoor area as well as an indoor stand in hall 13, which together will feature around 15 models, all designed to make handling and storage procedures safer, more cost effective and productive.    

Exhibits at this year’s show will include models from the original and still very popular multidirectional C-Series and multidirectional and two directional sideloaders. The narrow aisle capabilities of the Aisle-Master articulated forklift will be demonstrated live within racking. There will be the opportunity to see Combilift’s ever-expanding range of pedestrian-operated trucks in action. 

These now include the Combi-WR, its multidirectional counterpart the Combi-WR4, as well as the new Combi-CS counterbalance pedestrian stacker. And as always, there will be Guinness and other refreshments on tap, and the Combi-CB display team will be performing its popular forklift ‘dance’ on a regular basis.  

The timber, furniture and panels sector was one of the first to recognise the benefits of Combilift’s tailor-made approach to materials handling, and the range of products on offer is as varied as the differing requirements in the industry itself.  Whether you handle extreme lengths of engineered timber, timber frames, palletised goods or a mix of products, there is a Combilift model that can deliver the goods.  

Combilift has now sold over 30,500 units in more than 75 countries since it was established in 1998 and its products are renowned for their tough, long-life operation indoors and out and in all weather conditions. The use of standard and readily available components ensures that they can easily and maintained wherever in the world they are in operation.