Taka is a leading producer of HMPUR (hot-melt polyurethane reactive) and its sister company WPR produces profile- and panel-wrapping machines: together, they offer a 360° service. 

Taka says it anticipated the requests of the market and has developed products that can fulfil any application requirement.


2308.28P – Profile Lamination – Excellent wettability also on difficult materials, such as paraffin-containing MDF, thanks to its medium-to-long open time. Its low viscosity makes it possible to obtain top quality finishes with an excellent peeling test and high production speed – up to 60m/min.

Strong bond strength

2308.25P and 2308.25PV – Profile Lamination – the strong initial bond strength of these adhesives solves the issue of CPL gluing also on profiles with quite complex geometries.

High gloss finish

2308.1T Flat Lamination – its special formula with a long open time makes it possible to attain top results in terms of shine/finish. Excellent adhesion to PET and PVC, without primer, with the elimination of the cost of primer application on foil.

Roller coater application

2308.11 Flat Lamination– Hot Melt polyurethane with a long open time – 10-13 minutes – developed for the production of flat panels with high-gloss foil, including thicknesses in excess of 1mm, with especially shiny results.


3308.20 Edgebanding– Versatility in the presence of different types of edges and thicknesses. Long open time and excellent stability inside the machine, especially during the weekend stop.

3308.5 Edgebanding – Clear glue line with long open time. Thanks to its special formula, this glue can be used on the edges, where the glue needs to be invisible. During the years, it has also been used in the post-moulding of inside door stops, improving their water resistance.

With the aim of being an active partner for its customers, Taka opened a new plant at the end of 2016, the Taka 3 thus tripling its output capacity. The new application laboratory within Taka 3 is at customers’ complete disposal. 

For further information, please contact Taka’s UK agent, Mike Dean at Adhesive Solution Ltd, email Mike here adhesivesolutions@btinternet.com