Hranipex is working closer than ever to help furniture producers achieve the perfect finish on their work, and we understand the importance of delivering perfect furniture without excessive costs.

Jamie McKendrick as their business development manager for adhesives and cleaners

Hranipex UK has recently appointed Jamie McKendrick as their business development manager for adhesives and cleaners, providing the company with an advantage in the field: “We can help improve the overall quality, support with regular hints and tips, and most importantly, we can take away the fear of change.”

Hranipex has over 20 distinct types of hotmelt EVA and PUR adhesives

Hranipex retails its own range of hotmelt EVA and PUR adhesives, and with over 20 distinct types it says it can provide the perfect solution for any edgebanding machine.

The focus is not purely on the quality of the finish – Hranipex can also support with estimating how much glue is needed for each project which prevents customers from over-ordering helping to save costs.

“We have discovered that many edgebanding users are not working with the best glue for their machine,” says Jamie, “perhaps it is what was delivered or recommended at the time, but have never tried something new. We look at very specific areas to ensure the perfect solution.”

As well as EVA and PUR hotmelt there is also a full range of dispersive adhesives relevant to the furniture manufacturing industry. These range from standard PVAc D3 to expansive PUR, spray contact adhesive, double-sided tapes and also silicones.

Alongside Riepe cleaners, Hranipex also has its own range of manual cleaners

With all the glue, there is usually some mess, and Hranipex has got that covered with what it says is an exceptional cleaner offering. With Riepe cleaners for the edgebander itself in 10- to 30-litre containers, Hranipex also has its own range of manual cleaners, the Hraniclean 01 for routine use and the impressive Hraniclean 08 for use on gloss and sensitive surfaces.

All products can be delivered within 24 hours from its Birmingham-based warehouse. 

Customers can place orders 24/7 via its online shop at and the office in Birmingham is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or feel free to contact Jamie on 07713 566927,