Leading British furniture manufacturer and designer Godfrey Syrett has outsourced its IT support and services to Technology Services Group (TSG) as part of its initiative to focus on long-term, sustainable growth.

The North East-based firm has also recently invested £1.5 million in innovative manufacturing technologies, demonstrating its commitment to digital transformation.

TSG will take care of all of Godfrey Syrett’s IT support, from its infrastructure to end-user support. Godfrey Syrett has also invested in TSG’s unique SystemCare offering; a remote monitoring tool that identifies and fixes bugs before they become an issue. SystemCare is supported with proactive on-site visits.

By outsourcing IT support to TSG, Godfrey Syrett will be able to focus on growth through digital transformation and achieving its ambitious targets, free from the restraints that can accompany in-house IT support.

An additional benefit is the wider skillset and support network that TSG can offer Godfrey Syrett compared to an in-house IT support team.

In addition to the hardware and end-user support, TSG will also be supporting Godfrey Syrett’s Office 365 solution and helping the business maximise its investment in the productivity suite.

Dusk seating by Godfrey Syrett

David Brown, IT manager at Godfrey Syrett, said of the collaboration:

“With the rapid pace of technological and digital change, it was clear that it would be beneficial to outsource our IT to a well-known and trusted IT provider rather than trying to manage this ever-changing landscape using an in-house model.

“TSG demonstrated that they had the expertise required to help deliver and expand our IT strategy and support the business today, as well as assisting us with our future growth plans.

“TSG has already provided Godfrey Syrett with some real tangible benefits from the initial take-on visits and pro-active monitoring, which has helped scope what our future IT landscape should look like. We are now working closely with them to finalise and implement this.”

TSG’s chief technology officer Paul Burns commented: “Manufacturing plays such an important role in our economy, so it’s fantastic to be working with an ambitious, forward-thinking company in Godfrey Syrett.

“Outsourcing their technology services to TSG means they can be fully focused on expansion and growth.

“They’ll also benefit from the expertise and best practice we can bring to the table, to help them futureproof and add resilience to their systems by migrating to hybrid cloud solutions. It’s a direction that many of our customers are taking.”

Moving forward, TSG is working with Godfrey Syrett on a long-term strategy to refresh and futureproof its infrastructure, which will be supported by a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.