Mentor FLT Training, a leading national provider of workplace transport training, has revealed what the new LEEA standards for electric overhead travelling crane operators course mean for operators and businesses alike. 

The new standard, which was developed in response to inconsistencies in the accreditation system, limits the number of delegates on the course to four. 

In addition, the new minimum course length has been set as two days; courses shorter than this will be considered ‘refresher’ training.  

Prior to the introduction of the new standard, courses were assessed on a case-by-case basis – per training provider application.

Stuart Taylor, managing director of Mentor FLT Training explains: “Previously, it was down to the trainer to recommend the duration, as well as the maximum number of delegates on each course. At some companies, this resulted in classes as big as six people…”

While some companies will require significant changes to course content, Mentor’s high training standards mean that its crane operator course – which exceeds best practice guidelines – will remain unchanged.  

Like other courses from Mentor, the maximum number of delegates on the two-day course will continue to be capped at just three – ensuring the time and one-on-one engagement necessary to maximise learning retention. 

Stuart concludes: “We’ve always believed in setting the highest standards with each of our courses, so with this new LEEA standard, it just means that more and more delegates will benefit from the level of training we demand of ourselves.”