JJ Smith & Co (Woodworking Machinery) has celebrated a unique milestone with the presentation of an award to an employee who has worked for the company for 60 years! 

Peter Davies joined the company in 1958 at the tender age of 15 when the company still occupied their premises in Melling, North Liverpool. 

Peter started as an apprentice and has enjoyed working with the company since day one. He was part of the era when JJ Smith was manufacturing its own machines such as the Smith mortisers, planers, spindle moulders, rip saws etc. He believes the basics of woodworking machinery have remained the same but the process has got faster. 

Peter has travelled extensively all across the world (30 countries) to install and service machinery. His greatest installation being a 90,000ft furniture and joinery factory in Russia in the 80s. He comments: “JJ Smith has advanced with time but the core principals still remain the same. I’ve enjoyed working at the company and I’ll still work as long as I am physically can.” 

Martin Smith, the current managing director, who presented Peter with his long service award, says: "Peter was recruited by my grandfather and worked for many years for my father. The company relies on our family traditions, with most of our employees and directors working for JJ Smith for many decades. However I think 60 years must be our record." 

Martin adds: "In order to gear up the company for the future, the company continues to take on apprentices and Peter’s years of knowledge of processing timber are being passed to our new recruits as part of their training programme."