Cabinet hardware expert, Titus, is showcasing its comprehensive range of connectors and cabinet construction components at the W Exhibition and Elements on stand N400.

Titus cabinet connectors are engineered to improve furniture quality and simplify manufacturing processes. The new and innovative Quickfit TL5 Full Metal Jacket dowels provide strong, reliable joints in all types of wooden materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood. 

This means that it is no longer necessary to use different dowels for different materials, or to reinforce joints by adding supplementary wooden dowels. 

In addition, the new dowels offer fast, tool-free insertion, reducing assembly time by up to 50% for home-assembled furniture. Alternatively, for maximum efficiency in volume production applications, they can be inserted automatically using Titus FastFit machines.

Another important innovation from Titus that will be featured on the stand is the Tekform family of double wall drawers. These are simple to mount and have an integrated soft-closing mechanism that provides reliable life-long performance. Tekform Slimline drawers, the second generation of the company’s double-wall drawers, combine elegant appearance with thin side panels that make best possible use of the drawer space.

A further benefit is that Tekform Slimline drawers have the same bottom and back panel dimensions as the original Tekform drawers (DWD series), allowing easy interchangeability and flexibility in use. Slimline drawers are available in white and anthracite grey, with lengths from 270 to 550 mm. 

They are offered in the same heights as DWD drawers (H70, H145 and H182). A new height (H100) has also been added to the range.

Various internal front panel options (low or high glass, aluminium panel or bar) are available, and there is also a glass side option. The front panel brackets can be attached with standard screws, or by the unique Titus Easy-Fix method. 

Experts from Titus will be available on the stand throughout the show to provide information about the company’s latest developments and to give advice and guidance relating to visitors’ specific assembly requirements. They will also be pleased to discuss the Titus Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF) service, which evaluates ready-to-assemble furniture and advises on improvements that will make furniture truly ready for assembly rather than just another piece of flat-pack furniture.