The Furniture Industry Research Association is supporting a survey into the Perception and use of Additive Manufacturing in the UK Furniture Industry by Andrew Fox BSc MSc MIMgt from Brunel University, London.

"The aim of the survey is to gauge current usage and perceptions of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing Technologies) in the UK Furniture Industry. Similar surveys have been undertaken amongst overseas manufacturers, but to my knowledge none in the UK," explains Andrew.

"The overall focus of the research is the development of 'Environmentally Sustainable Smart Furniture' through the application of novel digital modelling, simulation and manufacturing technologies. A specific focus will be on the use of 4D printing with smart materials using robotic application technologies.

"The results of this initial survey will serve as a foundation for the development of future research directions and strategies. All data provided is anonymous and the Survey has been scrutinised and given approval for distribution by the Brunel University Research Ethics Committee."