Building on the success of previous events, the latest AXYZ International open house event held at the company’s main UK facility in Telford was attended by a larger than expected number of existing and potential new customers. They represented a diverse range of industries in which CNC routing/cutting is an essential production requirement and for which AXYZ International remains a preferred supplier. 

Senior management personnel and members of the AXYZ technical team were in attendance to demonstrate the latest advances in CNC routing, cutting and engraving technology embodied in the company’s primary AXYZ and Pacer series of machines. These included the latest version of the hybrid Trident combined routing and knife-cutting system that has enjoyed huge success by enabling AXYZ customers to diversify into new markets and create vital additional revenue streams.

A particular attraction was a new waterjet cutting machine that is now being stocked and distributed in the UK by AXYZ International. It follows acquisition by the parent company in Canada of US-based WARDJet, a company that has for many years specialised in and been a pioneering influence on the evolution of waterjet cutting technology. 

The importance of this development was highlighted by the presence at the event of Richard Ward, co-founder of WARDJet, who provided a wealth of information on the benefits of waterjet cutting and how it complements and expands the capabilities of companies currently using traditional CNC routing/cutting systems. 

UK managing director of AXYZ International, Mark Sweeney comments: “Entry into the waterjet cutting sector was a logical step to providing a wider choice of machining solutions and in particular those that meet the requirements of customers using materials which traditional CNC routing/cutting systems are unable to process effectively.”

UK-based vice president (market development), Robert Marshall adds: “The synergy of the two companies will greatly enhance AXYZ International’s footprint in a wider range of industries, adding some 100 experienced employees to the combined workforce and underpinning our plans for further expansion.”