No matter whether in hard copy or online, Blum’s product catalogue is always a popular reference book for cabinetmakers. The latest 700-page tome is packed with useful information and comes in 26 languages.

With a circulation of more than 240,000, Blum’s 700-page product catalogue in 26 languages is a popular reference book for cabinet makers.  It provides detailed information on Blum’s product range including product innovations and offers new possibilities for furniture design. 

Innovations include the latest hinges for thin doors and mirror doors from the Clip top Blumotion series, the Clip top Blumotion hinge in onyx black and the Blumotion S runner for three different motion technologies. 

What is more, Blum meets the latest design trend of ‘thin frontals’ and now offers a single solution for doors, pull-outs and selected lift systems with its new Expando T fixing mechanism.

Support for the entire process chain

Blum’s catalogue assists cabinetmakers with day-to-day operations in many ways. The reference book not only provides information on the company’s latest product range but also supports users along the entire process chain – from planning, design and ordering to assembly, sales and after sales support.  

All the services offered are geared to the individual needs of cabinetmakers, providing a firm basis for success. Digital connectivity also brings enhanced convenience and new possibilities to Blum’s product catalogue. 

QR codes, short URLs and web codes printed right next to products give cabinetmakers quick and easy access to more detailed information, instructions on assembly and setting, useful digital services or direct access to pre-configured applications in the Product Configurator.  The online catalogue is on Blum’s homepage and can be downloaded in the Download Centre.

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Blum’s new catalogue supports cabinetmakers along the entire process chain