At Ligna 2019, Kündig will have on display an exciting and diverse range of wide-belt and edge-sanding machines to cater for the many aspects of both solid wood and panel-based production.

Of particular interest to many users who produce five piece doors or suffer from cross-grain scratch marks will be the example of the Kündig Brilliant fitted with calibration rollers, electronic segmental pad and also the Kündig oscillating cup brush system which can be used to soften’the edges of frames or kitchen doors as well as sanding into profiled surfaces both before and after sealer is applied.

Also, on display will be several machines fitted with structure brush options, which is a must-have item for those looking to generate a rustic style finish. One of the machines on display is a top and bottom sander with structure brushes to the top and calibration rollers to the bottom. The structure brush can be fitted to any of the wide-belt sanders once again expanding the number of possible finishes that can be achieved on a Kündig sander.

Examples of the ever-popular and standard style machines from the Premium range for solid wood and veneer sanding will also be shown. Also, on display will be further examples of the Brilliant machines showing just how easy it is to go from sanding solid wood to veneer to lacquer. All this whilst giving a perfect surface free from oscillation marks.

Complementing the wide-belt sanders will be examples of the Uniq double sided edge-sanding machines suitable for solid wood and veneered edges. The Uniq is also available in an L version which has additional equipment including double-belt feed system, variable speed control to the abrasive and automatic cleaners for the abrasive. The action-controlled pad is designed to protect the corners when sanding/denibbing sealed edges typically required for MDF painted kitchen doors.

For further information about the products available from Kündig, contact Carl O’Meara at J & C O’Meara on 0845 833 0565 – or arrange to meet him at Ligna, hall 16 on stand no D19.