Freud, a worldwide leader in premium tool manufacturing, will present its new logo and corporate image – consolidated at a global level – at the upcoming Ligna in hall 1, booth D32.

With a passion for wood, attention to details and strong vocation for innovation, the company distinguishes itself as a worldwide manufacturer of premium tools for woodworking, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with a nearly 60-year experience.

Master in panel processing

The know-how and deep technological expertise, from an engineering and a manufacturing point of view, allows Freud to produce a complete range of supreme quality circular saw blades dedicated to joinery companies – from kitchen manufacturers to panel transformers – that need to perform serious panel processing and demand high quality cutting tools to reach unmatched productivity levels. 

High speed ISOprofil system for next generation CNC machines

High quality door and window system solutions 

For the window tooling industry, the Freud offering includes innovative systems for next-generation CNC machines that allow the achieving of exceptional productivity levels, as well as efficient systems suitable for traditional spindle moulders, profiling and CNC machines that guarantee the greatest versatility.

Leveraging engineering and manufacturing know-how, as well as a comprehensive knowledge about the major worldwide window design and construction details, Freud has also engineered standard casement systems available in multiple configurations in terms of style,  aesthetics and performance.

LSB X for a panel sizing machines

In-house tungsten carbide production

Since 1980 Freud is the only company in the world that produces its own TiCo Carbide, a mixture of tungsten, titanium and cobalt, specifically selected for their properties of toughness, corrosion and impact resistance. Special HW grades are mixed based on tools’ specific application needs and checked according to strict quality criteria. 

In summary, Freud provides a successful formula that delivers longer life and greater efficiency tools.