The Ovvo® V-1230 Konnekt Series brings the innovative, award-winning design features of Ovvo to a new range of components that allows manufacturers with all types of woodworking equipment capabilities to access the benefits of Ovvo. 

The new Konnekt series enables furniture designers and manufacturers to design furniture with the end user experience at the heart of the process, that is quick and simple to assemble, and offers significant time savings throughout the assembly process.

The Ovvo V-1230 Konnekt series consists of a range of components that now allow manufacturers with nesting, drilling and end milling capabilities to easily integrate the patented Ovvo connection profile into their designs, and deliver significant benefits and improvements for the end user, without the use of tools, screws or glue.

All components work in all board types, solid woods and panels from 15mm and above, and all work interchangeably:

  • The Ovvo Konnekt V-1230 for Nesting is a push-in component, requiring only a single 25mm drill hole.
  • The Ovvo Konnekt V-1230 for End Drilling incorporates two invisible, self-locking, dowel-type pins with 32mm centres that use the inbuilt tolerance of the housing to deliver a secure hold.
  • The Ovvo Konnekt V-1230 for End Milling is an invisible three-part system with inbuilt tolerances and automatic alignment.
  • The Ovvo Konnekt V-1230 for Drawer Slides easily attaches and automatically aligns drawer slides without tools and can also be used for attaching other metal brackets to furniture.

Each component is available in permanent and releasable versions. Ovvo is exhibiting at Interzum in hall 5.1 on stand B 071.