In just 12 months, Intelligent Fixings’ innovative Peanut Connecting System has made strong connections globally.

The Peanut1 is the self-clamping single component connector, for use with CNC machines, production is quick and efficient, as only one machining process is required. The Peanut2 is the self-clamping invisible connector. It is ideal for boring and insertion machines. Both Peanuts create incredibly strong joints, pack flat when pre-inserted and can be reassembled many times.

Intelligent Fixings’ starter packs received ‘phenomenal’ feedback at the Interzum and Ligna events in Germany

The attraction of the system is its simplicity and product high-quality, at affordable prices. Excitingly, the company has now developed a new jig for use with handheld routers. It will enable smaller workshops and carpenters to use the simple Intelligent Fixings (IF) connecting system too. This will be available later this year.

After launching to the European market at Interzum and Ligna with phenomenal success, starter packs comprising of both the Peanut1 and Peanut2 components, a solid carbide bespoke Peanut cutter, a 25mm high performance drill bit and a 5mm solid carbide drill bit, have proved very popular for the early adopters to trial the system. With contacts from over 80 countries, the Peanuts have been dispatched to all four corners of the globe!

Intelligent Fixings has developed a new jig for hand-held routers

IF continues with its its global awareness programme the other side of the pond. Beginning with an amazing meeting in California with one of America’s largest furniture making companies, whic was excited to experience the Peanut phenomenon at its factory, after first seeing it in Germany. 

TheIF team then moved on to Las Vegas to get ready for the popular AWFS. As this article was being written, the team was making final preparations for what is predicted to be a very busy few days at the trade show in Sin City.

The IF team will be able to briefly catch breath before its next trade show at DREMA, Poland, 10-13th September. This will then be followed by SICAM, Italy, 15-18th October, along with another favourite event – Inside Biesse 2019, Pesaro, Italy, 3-5th October.