After leading the way in the promotion of biomass heating and combined heat and power systems throughout the UK since 2012, AFS Biomass is now proud to announce the latest technological advance, the generation and storage of hydrogen to be used to generate electricity from hydrogen fuel cells.

SyngaSmart 120kW solid biomass CHP plant 

Hydrogen is the most abundant fuel source on the planet and when used to generate electricity the only emission is water. The most eco-friendly form of energy available which, in combination with a SyngaSmart solid biomass CHP unit, will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Hydrogen electrolyser, storage and fuel cell

Most companies in the woodworking industry have very large electrical consumption, with high peak demand during working hours and low demand at night and/or week-ends. The normal solution for CHP users has been to export excess electricity to the grid. 

This can often involve an expensive DNO connection and a reduced payment for the electricity exported. By using the excess generated in low demand periods to generate and store hydrogen, this can be used to generate extra electricity in high demand periods, saving money against the high cost of electricity.    

Solid biomass CHP, the generation of both heat and electricity from biomass, also qualifies for the RHI scheme.  Designed to reward businesses which contribute towards the UK’s carbon reduction targets and payable for 20 years for all the metered eligible heat generated from biomass, it provides a very welcome additional income stream.

AFS Biomass is proud to offer the SyngaSmart co-generation system. Manufactured in Italy to exacting standards the SyngaSmart offers an integrated solution for heat and power generation through pyro-gasification, the use of high temperatures in a low oxygen environment to convert biomass into a gas called syngas. This is used to fuel standard internal combustion engines which turn the syngas energy into electric and thermal power.

It is ideal for the woodworking industry which inherently suffers from the punitively high cost of electricity to run CNC machines and more, often in poorly insulated factories requiring space and process heating. All solid wood waste can be used, either as wood chip or as briquettes from poorly shredded waste, sawdust and shavings. 

So why choose a combined solid biomass CHP and hydrogen system;

  • Huge, ever-increasing savings against current fossil fuel and electricity costs which continue to rise.
  • Wood waste disposal savings – create energy from waste rather than pay for its removal.
  • Mitigate against future carbon taxes.
  • Enhance green credentials – claim almost carbon neutrality for heating and electricity.
  • Eligible for the Government RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme.

AFS Biomass Ltd are leading the way in the promotion and implementation of all forms of biomass and hydrogen energy generation. A major partner with SyngaSmart, it is one of the most respected and reliable biomass CHP manufacturers in the market today. 

As one of the few Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers in the UK, AFS Biomass offers the design, installation and ongoing maintenance to many diverse sectors including furniture and kitchen manufacturers, sawmills, pallet companies and more. References are available on request from a large number of highly satisfied clients.

Whether looking for a traditional biomass heating system or for the latest state-of-the-art technology in the field of solid biomass combined heat and power and hydrogen fuel cells, now is the time to act for maximum benefit. Fossil fuel costs continue to rise, carbon taxes become ever-more punitive and the RHI is, for the time being, extremely attractive. 

Why not join the ever-increasing number of businesses helping themselves and the environment through the adoption of biomass for future energy needs? AFS Biomass are in prime position to help you achieve those goals.

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