Ligna is the international stage where manufacturers have the opportunity to not only show what they produce but it is also the global forum where new products, developments and innovations are launched for the very first time.

This year at Ligna, the AES Group had several new launches including the new Nova Super and Raptor Ultra CNC nesting machines. The Nova Super is a fully-fledged industrial flatbed nesting machine with linear tool changer and speeds of up to 70m/min, making it a highly competitive and productive machine.

The Raptor now has a 12-position rotary tool changer as standard and linear positioning speed up to 90m/min and is available as a stand-alone CNC or as a fully automatic throughfeed machine with the option of barcode labelling of nested parts. 

All AES CNC nesting machines come complete with Alphacam CAD/CAM software allowing them to be easily integrated to those who may already be using third party CAD software.

The AES Vega 5X five-axis machine was also on display showing the benefits of the endless C axis of the 11kW router head which is now complete with a chiller unit for efficient cooling whilst allowing extended running times. The Vega 5X also now comes complete with the powerful Alphacam Ultimate software.

Following the worldwide success of the AES Sirius CNC drilling machines, AES launched the all-new Go machine which benefits from a very generous 1300mm working width, can drill to the face and all four sides and has a router head which cuts from above – therefore any off-cuts simply fall away – and having a double panel clamp can machine all round for either final sizing or profiling. 

This machine is designed to be supplied either as a stand-alone CNC or with the option of conveyors can be integrated as part of a flow line production.

The latest AES Alpha beamsaw was also shown which is available with cutting lengths of 3200mm or 4500mm and saw blade projections from 70mm to 135mm. As is typical with all AES products, there is a heavy-duty series of machines with rapid cutting and positioning speeds to allow fast cycle times for increased productivity. 

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