Through dedicated research to develop the best wood coating – whatever the customer’s requirement – Irurena is always at the forefront of new technological advances. One such product recently developed by its experienced R&D team is the new Irufire B-s1,d0 fire-retardant coating system, which is based on two component PU acrylic-aliphatic coatings.

This system has been developed to coat wooden surfaces which need to comply with the UNE-EN 13823: 2012 Standard of reaction to fire SBI (Single Burning Item) test, and be classified according to UNE-EN 13501-2007 + A1:2010 (Euroclasses).

The system comprises a combination of two main products – Irufire Primer IP-1 and Irufire Topcoat IT-1, which can be used to create coating systems that either maintain or upgrade to Euroclass B-s1,d0 classification.

For use as a maintenance system for coating walls and ceilings made from wooden substrates that are flame retardant and already certified as B-s1,d0, only one coat of Irufire Primer IP-1 (at 80-100g/m²) is required, followed by one coat of Irufire Topcoat IT-1 at the same film weight. 

The only variance for the upgrading coating system is the application of two-to-three coats of Irufire Primer IP-1, which is required to achieve a film weight of between 400-480g/m².

In either system, following application and drying of the clear Irufire Primer IP-1, it is lightly sanded with 240-320g abrasive, and the sanding dust is removed prior to application of the chosen version of Irufire Topcoat IT-1.

The upgrade system has been tested on the standard substrate as defined by EN13238: Reaction to fire tests for building products, conditioning procedures and general rules for selection of substrates. As such, the B-s1,d0 classification obtained by this process can be extrapolated across any substrate of wood or wood derivative with a density equal or higher than 510kg/m³.

The Irufire B-s1,d0 system has been certified for application in both clear coatings of any gloss level and pigmented coatings in any gloss level and any colour, giving the user ultimate flexibility to ensure that the client’s requirements are fulfilled.

To further assist customers, Movac has developed an easy-to-use calculator which works out the quantity of coating that is required – of both primer and topcoat – based on the area (in m2) that require coating.

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