Frigerio Poltrone e Divani is known for its fine Italian design, craftsmanship and customisation. However, as market forces are pushing the company to deliver products ever faster, Frigerio sought to accelerate production speed without sacrificing quality or customisability of its products.

Lectra suggested implementation of the Vector iX, a single and low ply fabric cutting solution, which was developed with the needs and challenges of on-demand and low volume furniture manufacturers.

Lectra’s Vector iX, image © Nicolas Louis

Replacing its ageing technology with a Vector iX allowed Frigerio to increase fabric efficiency by 5%, reduce nesting time from 14 minutes to two minutes, and reduce cutting and offloading time by 11 minutes.

Gianfranco Frigerio, owner, Frigerio Poltrone e Divani, says: “We strongly believe that collaboration with Lectra provides continuous process improvement, in terms of production optimisation, operator efficiency and waste reduction.”