Adavnced Machinery Services has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 8.5 tonnes of CO2 thanks to installing a full LED lighting system in its impressive showroom, office, workshop and storage areas. 

Twelve months ago AMS, The Wadkin Bursgreen trademark owners wanted to be more ecological and take more care of the environment – so it started to change all of its lights to a full LED lighting system.

One year on and they have achieved their objective, and they can’t be better pleased. AMS has received a certificate showing it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 8.5 tonnes of CO2, which is a carbon saving of approximately 63% on their lighting. That’s the same weight as two African bush elephants!

AMS director Stephen McGloin says: “The environment has always been important for us as a company and we wanted to contribute in any way we could. In addition to the LED lighting, we have an ecologic heater in our showroom which heats three workshops from a waste wood furnace.”

One of the targets for this project is to measure the carbon emission reduction as a result of measures that are installed with the help of a Green BELLE grant. For LED lighting, AMS calculate this from the wattages of the pre-existing and replacement lighting, as well as an estimate of the usages times, rather than from energy bills. 

This is not a one-off reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and AMS will continue to make similar annual savings as a result of the new lighting that it installed a year ago in its installations.

Stephen continues: “As general advice, we would like to say that all the companies in the woodworking industry should think about this type of system to take care of the environment as much as possible.”

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