Homag will be running demonstrations of its award-winning intelliGuide light guidance system


Last year was extremely successful for Homag UK. It was a year which saw the company dominate the woodworking market with its impressive machine and software developments and launches. As the new decade begins, Homag UK is preparing to set the upcoming trends at its Open House event on Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th March 2020 held at its Castle Donington showroom.

Simon Brooks, managing director of Homag UK explains: “The last couple of years have really highlighted the importance and benefits of implementing technology and automation within woodworking production facilities – whatever size of company. 

“We had a great response at Ligna 2019 when we showcased our latest digital solutions and 2020 will see further exciting developments. Visitors to our March Open House will see demonstrations of all our latest technology, as well as exclusive trends for 2020, from machinery through to software and applications.”

The Edgeteq S-380 – perfect joints, simple handling and complete automation

Edging technology from Homag UK

Homag will be demonstrating a host of edge banding technology at the Open House. This will range from entry-level machines through to edge banding for industry and high volume production. 

The compact Edgeteq T-200 will be demonstrated as a flexible solution for the edge banding and processing of shaped parts. Continuing with entry-level edge banding, the Edgeteq S-240 will be on show throughout the event. With zero-joint airTec technology, it boasts perfect edge processing on a wide variety of materials.

For higher volume processing, Homag UK will be showcasing the Edgeteq   S-300. Utilising multi-level technology, the edge bander can be used with fine trimmers, profile trimmers and scrapers. Recent enhancements have added the function of workpiece corner processing making the S-300 a versatile system. Homag will be demonstrating the benefits of the different edge sealing methods available including EVA and PUR glue as well as airTec hot air bonding technology.

In addition to the S-300, visitors to Homag UK will also see a full demonstration of the Edgeteq S-380. The combination of perfect joints, simple handling and complete automation means that edging has never been faster or simpler. 

The Homag Edgeteq T-200 – entry-level edge banding for shaped parts

Cutting competition with Homag’s panel saws 

Visitors to Castle Donington can also expect live demonstrations of Homag’s panel saws including the Sawteq B-130. It may be the smallest saw in the Homag range, but it is equipped as standard with everything you need for cutting single panels and small batches. Ideal for entry-level and smaller sized workshops, the B-130 offers top Homag quality at a truly competitive price.

Alongside the B-130, Homag will demonstrate its labelling and identification system which guarantees that production runs smoothly after the saw processing. The label printing station creates custom labels directly at the saw using a barcode, text or graphics. Facilities with Homag’s Cut Rite optimisation software find it extremely useful as the label printer ensures that the material goes directly to the next process step with printed instructions.

For larger sized manufacturers, Homag will demonstrate the Sawteq B-300. This panel diving saw is suitable for producing in batch size one as well as smaller series. The flexible system can be used as a single saw fed manually from the front or with a built-in lifting table for additional automated feeding from the rear of the saw. As well as being flexible to handle a wide range of cutting applications, the B-300 comes ready for networked production which is essential for a connected and intelligent production facility. 

Homag will demonstrate its full features including Power Concept Practive which allows several strips with different cross-cuts to be cut to length simultaneously for significantly increased throughput. As well as this, visitors can expect to see Homag’s combiTec technology in action on the saws which allows for automatic recuts during the cutting process. This creates savings for materials, time and money as well as reducing waste.  

In addition to automated handling, Homag UK will be demonstrating its award-winning intelliGuide professional software. The software makes the operation of Homag saws easier and more efficient than ever with its light guidance system which provides operators with step by step instructions.

Centateq E-310 – a high-performance and versatile CNC solution

High-performance CNC machining centres 

Homag’s range of CNC machining centres offers cutting edge technology at accessible prices for all sizes of manufacturers. The superior technology allows for highly efficient production for a large range of panel and solid wood processing.

During the three day event in March, visitors to Homag’s UK showroom will have the opportunity to see many different models in action including the Drillteq V-200. The flexible and compact system offers increased throughput with efficient drilling, trimming and grooving. 

Also on show will be the Centateq P-110. Homag will be demonstrating the 5-axis model which offers high-performance and versatility for small and medium-sized carpentry and joinery companies. With 3 and 4-axis models also available, the P-110 is a versatile and affordable solution. Boasting a compact design, the machine is freely accessible from all sides due to its bumper safety technology. 

The Centateq N-500 jumbo sheet nesting machine in a gantry design enables the optimised cutting, processing and dividing of materials. This nesting model is ideal for the creation and construction of carcass and frame furniture. 

Homag’s Centateq E-310 is a high-performance CNC solution that has the added benefit of shaped edge banding incorporating Homag’s powerEdge Pro Duo gluing technology. The E-310 boasts a high level of innovative technology as the multi-tasking machine offers the versatile production of formatting, profiling, drilling and edging of shaped parts. It is available with both EVA glue and airTec bonding technology for the perfect ‘invisible joint’ finish.

Homag software for efficient and intelligent working

Homag’s range of software has been created to increase production efficiency whilst also simplifying machine operation. Designed with the user in mind for fast and simple programming, Homag’s software has never been so advanced or intuitive. At the March Open House, visitors can experience live demonstrations of woodWOP, woodCAD|CAM and MagiCut software. This software will save money and optimise the use of materials for efficient production.

Simon Brooks concludes: “For any company, large or small, wishing to take advantage of automation and digital technology, our March Open House is a must-visit event. Not only will we be showcasing our technology trends for 2020, but also all the machines in our showroom will be connected to our digital platform, tapio. 

“This will allow visitors to explore and understand the tapio system in much more depth than at previous shows. The platform works to optimise production facilities and keep machines running at their maximum output and we’re excited to be able to demonstrate this advanced technology on a large scale.

“As well as all our live demonstrations, our team will be here to answer any queries you may have regarding all aspects of our machining technology, software, servicing and finance solutions. Given the popularity of the event, we recommend you pre-book an appointment with one of our sales team to secure your chance to learn about the fantastic opportunities the new technology offers. We look forward to welcoming you to Castle Donington this March!”

Contact Adele Hunt on 01332 856424 or email info-uk@homag.com for appointment bookings and further Open House information.

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